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I have a special treat for my book-loving fans out there today. For a few days only, you can pick up the Kindle edition of Wings of the Divided: The Divided Book 1 absolutely FREE

Wings of the Divided: The Divided Book 1 by C.J. Sullivan

Wings of the Divided: The Divided Book 1

In Wings of the Divided we meet fallen angel Laphelle who has been sent on a mission to modern-day Earth, along with two of his comrades, to start fresh chaos behind the scenes.

Everything changes when Laphelle hears the sound of a violin one fateful night. The heavenly music stirs thoughts of his life before the Fall, a time he does not consciously remember. Confused and intrigued, he begins to spiral out of control when he discovers he can actually play the violin with stunning talent. This unknown skill, along with the surprising relationship he develops with the violin’s owner, pushes him to question his role in the war of good and evil.

An emotional, character-driven adventure, at times humorous and fun, and at others dark and horrific, Wings of the Divided is the first book in an epic trilogy that explores the sacred bond of friendship, the universal power of music, and the question of redemption.

Blade of the Divided: The Divided Book 2

Continuing Laphelle’s story in the second installment of this trilogy, Blade of the Divided finds Laphelle has committed the ultimate act of rebellion, dividing him from both the angels of light and the angels of darkness. Now an outcast, he has the choice to turn away from the angelic war or to continue to play a part in it.

His path is set when he hears rumor of an ancient prophecy, one that could finally put him in the limelight he feels he so rightly deserves. Circumstances present him with no alternative but to allow the healer Gidyon to help him. Together, they journey to find and read the original written prophecy, Gidyon at the risk of his reputation, Laphelle at the risk of his life.

Song of the Divided: The Divided Book 3

In the conclusion to this enthralling trilogy, Song of the Divided tells the last chapter of Laphelle’s journey. Laphelle leaves the eternal war behind when he’s transported to the faraway world of Kazjmeer. Here, on this abandoned wasteland, he rediscovers his dark side and faces the evil angel he used to be. Amid the harsh terrain and its monsters, an eerie but beautiful sound trickles through the air, whispering of destiny. As this music box melody draws him closer to a mysterious castle, his journey, both outward and inward, grows deadlier with each step.

While Laphelle is gone, Gidyon must make a crucial decision: continue hiding behind the mask of a healer or submit to the Thanatakran warrior within him. But when a powerful Elitist finds out what he’s been hiding, Gidyon may not have a choice.

I’ve read all three books, and I am dying for more. In fact, I’ve already told C.J. that she needs to write more about Laphelle because there are a few threads left dangling at the end of the third book – things I am dying to know the answer to! So stay tuned, we might just get another book in the series if I can coerce her into it lol! I give all three of the books a two thumbs up rating, I truly believe you will love them as much as I have – and I’ve read them each multiple times already!

About the Author

C.J. Sullivan is an amazing author who keeps you glued to the pages of her novel from start to finish. I have had the opportunity to work with C.J. on several promotions and book reviews previously, and I’m honored to consider her a friend as well. Be sure to check out her blog, Journey of a Soul, to get to know this native Texan from her book-related, personal and always entertaining posts! You can also find her on Twitter (@cjsullivan53).  

Under the pen name C.J. Sully, you can find A Tale of Voodoo in the short story collection Dark Things II (A Horror Anthology) as well as a Woven on The Molotov Cocktail. In addition, Ms. Sullivan has written Vengeful Bounty under the name Jillian Kidd. 

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