My Work at Home Office Space: A Peek at My Desk Spaces #MyDeskStory

If you work from home you know that having your own space is vitally important, especially your desk area. Working from home, your desk can take on many roles from many locations. You may have a standard desk set up in a room that you have converted to your own office space with all the essentials. Your dining room table may do double-duty as your office space between family meals. You also might be an on-the-fly type personality who has laptop and will travel – utilizing any counter or flat surface in your home to work on projects and assignments.

The Built-In Desk and Office Space

No matter where your desk may be, one of the main items you need to accompany that desk is a good office chair like those at I will be the first to tell you that impromptu chairs just do not cut it when you have deadlines to meet. When we moved to our new home and I discovered the built-in desk area that I have in the kitchen – the first thing that I did was run out to the local Walmart and purchase a bar stool chair since the desk area is so high.

Life in a House - My Main Desk Area

While it works in a pinch, I am much more comfortable sitting at the dining room table in the mornings. The bar stool keeps me sitting straight and focused on what I am writing. When I get tired of sitting, I can just push the bar stool back and my laptop is at just the right height to stand and work as well.

I have a photo of my mother when she was younger with my grandfather on my desk, my candle vase full of seashells from the Bahamas and Mexico brought back from a dear friend of mine who loves to cruise, and my good shepherd clock keeping me on task and reminding me that I am loved. It is all the inspiration that I need.

My printer is within arm’s reach, my corkboard is to my right where I can put notes and important things that need my attention. I love that this desk area is right in the kitchen, because I can pull up a recipe that I want to try and have it right on my screen to follow without having to print it and find a place to tack it up in the kitchen!

The Dining Room Table Desk Space

I usually start out here in the mornings. I have a view of the television so I can watch the morning news, as well as a view of what is going on outside from my dining room window. Granted that view can be a bit distracting, but it can also be extremely inspirational as well.

Life in a House - My Secondary Desk Area

I can do breakfast while I’m watching the news and go through my emails and plan out my day. It is a more relaxed, laid back desk area that I utilize when I’m not under any time constraints or deadlines. Our dining room chairs are padded, they swivel and rock, and for me that’s great for leaning back to think about something and back away from the keyboard for a moment.

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