Work From Home Tips You Actually Need: Babyproofing Your Workspace

With more and more parents working from home, we checked in with expert baby proofers from Child Safe ChildProofing for their advice and tips on baby proofing your home office. Here’s what they had to say:

Check Those Wires

When setting up electronics, ensure that all wires are no longer than 6 inches. Consider wrapping them with electrical tape or Velcro ties. Use an outlet cover box to avoid exposed outlets, should something come unplugged. Be sure to keep charging plugs out of reach.

Watch Out For Small Items

Keep all small items off your desk area. Here’s a handy tip – anything that can fit in a toilet paper roll is a potential choking hazard. Ensure cabinet doors cannot open with easy to install locking mechanisms.

Secure TVs or Furniture to the Wall

Bookcases can be extremely dangerous if not secured to a wall. New or moved furniture (i.e. a television) should be anchored to avoid tipping with anti-tip furniture straps.

Section Off Spaces

Consider blocking entry to your space with easy to install gates for your doorway – or create a designated play area with moveable gates.


Keep your little ones happy, safe, and occupied in an activity seat. These types of seats help you with multitasking chores, exercise, or helping older children with schoolwork and their needs, while still keeping your little one safe and secure.

What are some babyproofing strategies that you’ve learned through trial and error? Share with our readers below by leaving a comment.

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