Working Moms: How To Make Your Return After a Baby Less Stressful

In life B.C. (before children), I had a career that I enjoyed as a secretary, doing a job that I loved. But when it was time for a family, taking some time off was a natural thing for me to want to do. Whether it is a couple of months to a couple of years (which I needed to do with the birth of my sons), we all know what we want and need when it comes to returning to work.

How to Return to Being a Working Mom

Either way, regardless of how old your child (or children) are when you return, you are going to experience something completely new; working when you have kids. There is more to think about, more to organize, and trust and believe that it is going to take some time to adjust to it all. Don’t fret though! Here are some tips to help you get back into the workplace after being at home; because if you want to do it, then you most certainly can achieve it.

Plan Logistics

Your days are going to look different, so you need to hash out the plans so that you know what you are doing and when, and if you have a partner, that they know what they are doing and when as well. What time will you need to leave the house to get your child off to nursery in time? What will you need to pack for them to take? Who will do the pick up and at what time? Things may alter over time, but you need to stay on top of what is happening or you can forever feel like you’re always catching up with things. That is something my ex-husband and I learned the hard way!

Plan For The Future

You may be returning to your old job (as I initially did after the birth of my daughter), or perhaps you’re going back to do something completely new (which I am doing now after being a stay at home for the past 10 years).

Think about the plans for your career as your planning your return to work. For instance, the cost of childcare may be pretty high (especially if you have more than one young child that is not in school yet), so returning to work would only be worthwhile if you are going to be earning a certain amount. 

In instances such as this, it’s worth planning ahead and aiming to train or do something like an online MSN degree, so that you can return to a higher paid role. Having plans in place of where you want to be or what you need to earn can help you to go back and know that you’re doing the right thing.

Check Flexibility

More and more employers are championing flexible working, as it has shown to be just as productive, if not more productive, than people going in to the office five days a week. So yes, it is definitely worth asking your employer what type of flexible working they offer. If there is the chance to work from home once or twice a week, then it can really be worth doing (both financially and for your sanity). If you have ever had a sick child that the daycare refused to accept so as to keep the other children from contracting your child’s illness – you know that flexible working for parents is almost a must-have requirement when returning to work.

Enjoy It

Whether you stay at home or go out to work, there is so much that we can naturally feel guilty about as moms. And when you’re back at your desk you will feel all of the mom-guilt as you sit there and have someone else caring for your child. Do not beat yourself up over it! Instead, celebrate the small things and learn to enjoy it! It can make the time that you are with your children much more quality time, as work will be left behind for the day.

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