Working On Your Health: How To Stay Healthy On The Job

Do you feel stressed on a regular basis? Do you often experience aches and pains? Do you find it tough to switch off when you get home? Whatever job you do, there may be occupational hazards involved. Work-related illnesses cost US businesses more than $200 billion per year. If you’re focusing on your health and wellbeing in 2018, here are some tips to help you stay healthy on the job.

Correcting Your Posture

Poor posture is a leading cause of back pain, the most common work-related illness among US adults. If you spend long periods of time sitting or standing, it’s imperative to ensure that you have good posture. Your posture relates to the position and alignment of your spine. If you’re slumped, or you’re bending over or stooping, this can contribute to pain and discomfort.

If you’re sitting down, for example, at a desk, ensure that your spine is straight, your shoulders are relaxed, and your keyboard is within easy reach. You shouldn’t have to bend forwards to type or crane your neck to see the screen.If you’re standing up, keep your back straight and put your shoulders back. If your job requires you to bend, for example, you’re a hairdresser or a dentist, use adjustable chairs to allow you to work comfortably.

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Working On Your Health - How To Stay Healthy On The Job
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Improving Comfort

The majority of people spend most of the week at work, so it’s really important to prioritize comfort. One of the most important considerations for many occupations is footwear. If you’re standing for long periods of time, wearing shoes that don’t fit or styles that don’t offer support can affect your posture and cause muscular pain. If you’re looking for new shoes that are suitable for jobs that involve being on your feet for hours, such as nursing, dentistry, hairdressing or working in retail, see for more information about the importance of well-fitted footwear and browse their fashionable, functional styles. Another factor that may be influential is furniture. If you have a desk job, for example, you want to ensure that the chair you use feels comfortable and that it provides support for your back. If you’re not happy and you’re prone to episodes of pain, talk to your boss.

Seeking Help

It’s very common for health problems to come and go without causing any major trouble, but if you have persistent symptoms or symptoms that are getting worse, it’s beneficial to seek advice. Don’t struggle on and hope for the best. There may be treatments or self-help techniques you can try to prevent further issues and ensure that you feel more comfortable at work.

Working On Your Health - How To Stay Healthy On The Job - See the Doctor

Many of us make an effort to be healthier in the New Year. It’s brilliant to try and eat well and be more active, but don’t forget about minor changes you can make to stay healthy at work. Maintain good posture, make sure you have access to the right furniture, clothing, footwear and equipment and don’t hesitate to see your doctor if you’ve developed symptoms or you’re worried that your job is harming your health.

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