Your Mouth (and Your Mind): 3 Things To Remember About Being a Vegetarian

It is something that we hear so often when we are looking to make some sort of change to our diet. Because so many people are going vegan these days, there can be the concern they are not getting enough protein in the diet. And if you have these concerns if you were to go full vegan, why don’t you try going vegetarian? Many people love the idea of going vegetarian to help the planet, but they are not so keen because they are not going about it the right way. What are the things you need to think about before you go vegetarian?

Don’t Say It’s “Forever”

The fact of the matter is that some people really struggle when they go without meat, and it’s partly to do with how we evolved- our teeth were built to eat meat after all! You shouldn’t really say it’s forever, for your own sense of sanity. Some people give up meat forever, but some people try to find a balance when they start. One of the biggest temptations for people, especially during the summer, is the humble barbecue. And while you may smell meat cooking away, you don’t have to gorge on it. At barbecues, there’s always a tasty southern potato salad and vegetable skewers, and even if you fall off the wagon and grab a burger, don’t feel so guilty. Sometimes, we need to find a good balance. This is why many people go pescatarian– they are still getting protein and healthy fats while aligning with their ethical standpoints. 

Plan Your Vegetarianism in Phases

Going cold turkey is the worst way to incorporate new changes into your life. If you just stopped eating meat one day, you may have more withdrawal symptoms, and end up going back. It’s important to ask yourself why you want to give up meat but also realize that, sometimes, a gradual transition will be better. Some vegetarians go back to meat, and then they revert to vegetarianism again. But they realized that the second time around, they listened to their bodies. Rather than removing all meat products from your diet, look at removing one or two, and still eating chicken. If you still feel you need that chicken, continue, but gradually reduce the dosage. 

Relax Your Expectations

It is hard to go fully vegetarian, and many people realize that sheer willpower is needed to get them over the difficult meat craving stage. And while we feel enthusiastic about any change at the outset, those withdrawal symptoms and hunger pangs can creep back. It is hard, especially when you are looking to make a big change in your life, but the reality is that you should go slowly and smoothly. When anybody is trying to make a big change in their lives, the big mistake they make is beating themselves up over small mistakes, and if you beat yourself up every time you fall off the wagon, you aren’t going into the process with the right mindset. The reality is that going vegetarian from being a meat-eater is not easy- but it’s not about avoiding meat, learning to be a vegetarian is about your mind, as well as your mouth.

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