Cognition Builders Seeking Families to Feature in a New Project

We have a great post today for families seeking professional help. Let me introduce you to Lauren Seaber. She is a Casting Producer at High Noon Entertainment which produces shows such as HGTV’s Fixer Upper, Good Bones (I absolutely adore #TwoChicksAndAHammer) and TLC’s Cake Boss.

Lauren and her team are currently looking for families to feature in a new project we’re doing for a major cable network. They have partnered with Cognition Builders (, a team of top-tier, award-winning behavioral consultants to help families seeking professional help. The show will focus on families facing all sorts of issues, from daily common occurrences (homework, screen time, discipline) to more serious issues (drugs, not working, failure to launch, depression, etc.).

Lauren reached out to me in the hopes that some of you could benefit from Cognition Builders’ services, or know a family that could. Families selected will receive support that is typically costly, in addition to a free program proposal to keep, worth anywhere from $4,000 -$10,000.

CB Family Flyer #beontv #professionalhelp

They are coming to an end with their family recruitment so if you are interested, EMAIL LAUREN TODAY for more information at She is looking forward to connecting with you.

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