4 Tips For Throwing a Wonderful First Children’s Party

Many people assume that a home birthday party for your child is a “simple” option, but it really isn’t at all. When you have to host everything from home, you have to make every single decision for fun entertainment, while also making sure your household is suitable for so many children to come.

Of course, it’s nice to have a smaller, focused celebration that shows your child how much you love them, and if you play it well, you can save money compared to an overly stuffed birthday venue elsewhere. Perhaps you have no real preference either way, but feel that throwing a party at home can be more comfortable while also giving you the experience of doing so, a first for any parent.

If that’s the case, then you might find some worth in the following advice:

Curate That Guest List

Having all the school friends of your son or daughter invited to your party is a big deal, and unfortunately, not all of them might be suitable. An out-of-control guest list can be avoided by keeping it small, focused, and reasonable. Only invite your child’s closest friends and family members to start. That keeps things at a comfortable level where you can actually give each guest some attention, without worrying about running the party like a military operation or worrying about disappointing that one child and their parents at school who didn’t get an invite.

Make Cute Invites

Handmade invitations are a nice personal touch and can be a fun arts and crafts project with your child. They don’t have to be over the top – even simple folded paper invites decorated with stickers and doodles can be charming. The kids will appreciate you putting in that creative effort just for them.

Get Those Supplies

Once the guest list is sorted, party supplies need to be gathered based on how many kids are coming. Games, activities, food, decor and general entertainment might depend on what you pick up. You can theme the party if necessary too. If you make a checklist and stock up, nothing gets forgotten in the scramble to fix everything.

Find A Perfect Venue

Most homes can be used for full-scale kid parties, but a venue can also help you offset some of that worry about cleaning. You may be surprised how cheaply your local town hall can be rented out when required. You could even opt for a party experience at the local indoor playframe service or bowling alley depending on the age of your child. If it’s summer, the back garden works better for containing the chaos outside.Just make sure you have adequate seating, make sure the garden is protected and fenced in, and keep close watch over the kids that attend. Invite other parents to help you if necessary, limiting the chance for accidental safety issues.

With this advice, we believe you’ll throw a wonderful first party for your child, making it much better next time around.

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