Determining Which Security System is Right for Your Home

The right security system can provide homeowners with the safety they seek, as well as tremendous peace of mind. However, when shopping around for the right system, it’s important to keep in mind that home security is far from a “one size fits all” affair. There are countless home security systems on the market, each one designed to fit a highly specific set of needs. To prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available options, you should form a solid picture of what you’re looking for before beginning your search in earnest. Homeowners in the market for a reliable security system would be wise to take the following factors into account.

Remote Monitoring 

Being able to keep an eye on your residence regardless of where you happen to be can be a boon to people who spend a fair amount of time away from the old homestead. So if you work long hours or do a lot of traveling, a home security system that offers remote monitoring may be right up your alley. As the name suggests, remote monitoring enables you to monitor your home through computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Whether you’re concerned about break-ins or simply wish to confirm that your pets are behaving themselves, remote monitoring is just what the doctor ordered. 

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that remote monitoring often has its limitations. For example, many security systems only allow certain areas of one’s property to be remotely monitored. These tend to be the highest-risk parts of a home – i.e., doors, windows and other potential points of entry for unwelcome visitors. If remote monitoring is important to you, make a point of looking for systems that allow the entirety of one’s home to be monitored.   

Professional Monitoring 

As previously stated, remote monitoring can be a very handy feature to have in a home security system. The ability to check on your property at the drop of a hat can provide homeowners with a sense of safety and peace of mind. However, most people possess neither the time nor inclination to keep a constant watch over their homes. After all, if you have to peek at your residence every few minutes, what the point of even having a home security system? So if continuously checking on your home doesn’t strike you as an appealing prospect, look into security systems that provide professional monitoring

As you may have guessed, “professional monitoring” entails having your home’s most vulnerable areas under round-the-clock surveillance by trained professionals. Upon discovering any suspicious activity, these individuals will promptly contact you and/or local law enforcement. Knowing that seasoned security experts always have eyes on your home can lift a huge weight from your shoulders and eliminate the compulsion to constantly utilize remote monitoring. This isn’t to say that remote monitoring doesn’t have its advantages, but at the end of the day, serious surveillance is best left in the hands of professionals.    

Responsive Motion Sensors 

Responsive motion sensors can prove invaluable in eliminating the threat of break-ins. If an unusual motion is detected – i.e., someone entering a room through abnormal means – these sensors will set off an alarm, which will send most intruders running. Unless break-ins are a huge concern, you shouldn’t need to place motion sensors in every area of your home. In many cases, placing them in areas that contain easily accessible doors and windows should produce the desired results. When determining which parts of your residence could benefit from motion sensors, it helps to enlist the aid of home security professionals. After surveying the property, these individuals will be able to make an informed recommendation about where your sensors should go. Some security system manufacturers will even provide this service free of charge. 

Wanting to feel secure and at peace in your own home is perfectly natural. However, a single theft, break-in, or act of vandalism has the power to turn your world upside-down and prompt you to rethink how safe your residence actually is. This is where a dependable home security system enters the equation. The right security system can effectively diminish the threats posed by thieves, vandals, and others who would compromise the safety of your home. 

However, if security systems are just outside of your price range, there are also plenty of simpler methods for theft prevention that won’t break the bank. Below is a guide to preventing theft, particularly porch piracy, including insight on what thieves look for when they are targeting homes and tips on getting around their methods.

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  1. Our house was broken into once and the experience was unnerving and left us feeling very insecure until we installed a security system. Great advice, BTW.

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