The Best Cities to Explore

City breaks are going to give you such a cultured experience, and there’s just so many of them out there to explore, but we’re focused on these three best cities to explore. If you’re thinking of doing the standard beach holiday this year, you should definitely try and fit in a city break or two as well. They aren’t really that expensive in comparison, and you’ll often find yourself having so much fun. There’s something way more exciting about jumping out of bed in the morning and going out to explore the city. So to try and open your mind to a city break, we’ve put together a few destinations that we’re sure you’ll love.

best cities to explore


Lima is the beautiful capital of Peru. Peru just has so much to offer, and I bet you didn’t think we’d put a city break like this on here, did you? You don’t have to think of the standard city breaks in order to have an amazing time. Plus, with this break you’re going to get some incredible weather as well. There’s so much culture to be offered in Lima, and it really isn’t that expensive there either. The only warning we have is to be careful of pickpockets. Other than that, you’re in for an incredible time. There are plenty of tours to check out that will fill most of your days there, especially if you head out of the capital and into other areas. You could even use it as a stop over for a few nights whilst on your travels around America. The accomodation there really isn’t that expensive, and you can now get some really luxurious establishments if you’re looking to push the boat out a little.


Rome is just a wonderful place. As soon as you go it is going to capture your heart. The actual booking of the holiday itself really isn’t that expensive, and if you want to do some exploring, try and get yourself a central hotel. Everything is pretty much within walking distance as long as you don’t mind going for a stroll. There’s the obvious wonders of Rome that you need to explore such as the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain etc. But what you really want to be doing is exploring all the different back streets it has to offer. There’s so much culture to be found, amazing shops to enter into, you won’t be disappointed if you go a little bit off course. Be sure to try the more authentic restaurants out there, and go a bit off season if you don’t want things to get too busy.


Barcelona, much like Rome, is full of so much culture and wonders to look at. Something unique about the country is the wall art you’ll find dotted around. It is rather mesmerising to look at. You need to visit the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia when you’re there. Known as the cathedral that will never be finished, you’ll see it covered in scaffolding and other sorts. But the wonder of it is truly amazing. It stands so tall, and looks so grand indoors. The only issue with Barcelona is the pickpockets, so you do need to be really careful. The La Rambla market should also be on your hit list!

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