What Happens When Text Becomes an Accessory to Your Wall?

For years text has been a vehicle of human interaction. Though the form varied, the goal was the same, to communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Today, you may find multiple text styles, including shapes and figures. It wouldn’t be wrong to say text art which earlier consisted of hieroglyphs, has now drastically changed into emojis.

Words hold immense power, much like a sword. If used correctly, they’ll work in your favor; otherwise, only trouble.

Nonetheless, did you know you can use that same text as a decor item in your home? Imagine walking into your study and looking at an inspirational text wall art. It’ll be an instant motivation booster.

However, that’s not the only thing you can do with text art. Here are seven ways having words on the wall can transform your room’s aesthetics–

You Get Inspired

Yes, you do. Walking into a room filled with inspirational wall art fuels your day with positivity and motivates you to take action. Whether it’s Carpe Diem or Create, Inspire, Repeat, these daily reminders hung near your workspace will keep you focused throughout the day.

Moreover, if you have exams coming up, wouldn’t it be great to have a constant source of encouragement right on the wall adjoining your desk? Try it, and you’ll know.

It becomes a Conversation Starter

One of the most intriguing features of text art is its potential to spark conversations. Your visitors will be drawn to the thought-provoking text on your wall. It could be any poem, lyrics from your favorite song, or even your own written quotes. 

Not only it’ll add a unique touch to your interior, but it will also leave room for meaningful discussions. For example, you can mount a puzzling riddle on the wall to let everyone talk, thinking about the answer.

It could be Your To-Do List on the Wall

Do you need to remember your tasks? Buy a pack of sticky notes and paste them on the wall. It’ll become a canvas for your organized tasks. No need to limit your creativity; use as many fonts and colors as you want. 

These simple tricks will help you turn mundane to-do lists into eye-catching displays you will always notice.

How about a Collection of Literary Excerpts?

Any fan of literature would know how intellectually stimulating those excerpts are. Whether it is poetry or a philosopher’s quote, hanging a collection of these on the accent wall of your living room or the study room will create a cozy atmosphere for all enthusiasts.

Any wall of your home can turn into a collection of Jane Austen’s novels or Mandela’s quotes. No matter what you choose, these words will become your muse.

You can Frame & Hang Your Handwritten Letters

What’s your love language– hugs, kisses, or anything else? Irrespective of your description here, remember to share your feelings with your partner, family, and little munchkins. And, while you are busy pondering how to do that, take a few seconds to recall where you put those handwritten notes.

Yes, you exchanged those words and sentences with your loved ones a few years ago. That text is valuable. It holds pieces to those moments which you all might have forgotten. 

So, follow the #PDA, and put them on display. Your affection shouldn’t rot in wooden drawers. Frame them and mount them in your bedroom.

Remember Your Grandma’s Recipe?

Perhaps you don’t. But a diary in your house must have it. Zoom it and turn it into art. You don’t need to be artistic; all you have to be is a thoughtful grandchild—the same kid who used to enjoy those delicacies many years ago.

You can even turn it into kitchen canvas wall art. Take notes from that and cook the same for your partner, kids, or yourself. The taste may be hard to match, but the memory of her will be the same.

Greet Guests With a Warm Quote/Phrase

First impressions matter, so welcome your guests with a warm and inviting quote. You can pick a small phrase like ‘Home Sweet Home’ or something personalized like ‘Enter as strangers, leave as friends.’

Your walls will set the tone for memorable visits, giving your guests a glimpse into your humble personality.

That’s All!

It’s time to let your creativity fill every corner of your home with your ideas. Experiment with colors, text styles, frame sizes, and whatever seems fit; just don’t stop. 

You don’t have to be an artist or an interior designer. You have to be YOU. See how you can turn every wall of your little house into a canvas of your emotions and thoughts.

So next time you look at plainly painted walls, give them words. You and your guests will love it!

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