7 Things You Don’t Realize About Dog Ownership

If you can own a dog, it’s a very fortunate position to be in. When welcoming a dog into your house and into your family, you need to think more beyond the Daydream that you have in your head. Much like an expectant parent, it’s common for people to picture themselves playing with the dog, but they don’t picture themselves with the dog 24/7. There are lovely visions of long walks and training your dog to do amazing tricks, but there are some things that you do need to know before you say yes.

Your Dog Isn’t Instantly Going to Listen to You

Even when you get a dog from the age of a puppy, you will need a dog trainer of some kind to help you with getting them up to speed with training to go to the toilet in the right spaces, and to eat the right foods. When your dog understands what’s ok and what isn’t, that’s when things get fun.

Your Dog Will Make You Feel Different

If you have never added a dog to your family before, you can’t be sure what it is you’re feeling, but this pure love that you’re about to experience is like no other. You’ll also feel disgusted when they’ve had a sore tummy and pooped all over your home, or you have to reach into their mouth and pull out an old banana peel or used tissue. It’s not always so fun.

Your Dog Is Going to Take You on Very LONG Walks

It doesn’t matter when, but when nature calls your dog is going to take you on some long walks. As lovely as this is, it is constant and it is expected, so if you are hoping to make sure that your dog is healthy and happy then walks are a part of the program.

Your Dog Will Run. Fast.

In different directions with which you are familiar. Sometimes, those walks that you are going to go on turn into runs and you may not always be ready for that.

Your Dog Will Teach You About Behavior

Most people think that they are training their dogs but often their dogs are teaching them. As a new dog parent, you’re going to engage in training classes that we mentioned earlier so that your dog can be more well-mannered and behaved. They are also training you; on when to distribute dog treats, when you should play ball, and when walks should happen. It’s a constant learning curve. You’ll also need to be mindful of traveling with your dog, and incorporate this into your training schedule. Check out these dog friendly travel tips to find out more.

Your Dog Is Going to Introduce You to a World of Mischief

What’s that smell? It’s going to be something you say very often, and often it’s going to be to do with your new dog. Dogs don’t smell good after a rain; they don’t smell good after they poop, and they don’t smell good after they eat.

Your Dog Will Teach You a New Language

It sounds crazy, but only you are going to understand what each sound and bark means from your dog. You will know which noises are the happy ones and which noises are the sad ones, and you’re going to be more in tune with this animal than anything else.

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