Ban The Beach Break: 4 Lit Destinations For Active Families

There’s nothing wrong with sitting on a beach and sunning your body apart from the fact it’s boring! The average family has been there, done it and worn the t-shirt, and there is only so much one can take. Relaxing is necessary, but there are many ways to take a step back. Anyway, lying down on the sand doesn’t suit your lifestyle because you to walk and explore. You’re an active family, which is why you’ve decided to ban the beach break this summer. Well, you’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of inspiration. Below are four lit destinations to tick off the bucket list.

#1: Utah, USA


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Hold on a minute, do you mean the Utah in the West of the US? Yes, the very same! On the face of it, this state doesn’t boast the same delights as a California or a Florida, or even the cities in the Great Lakes. But, give it a chance and it will win you over within a matter of hours. For starters, there is the Zion National Park which borders Nevada. The views are amazing and there is so much to do that you can spend days there and not scratch the surface. There are guides to read at Plus, there’s Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake itself. And, the Grand Canyon is a short journey south in Arizona.

#2: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Southeast Asia as a whole is a very active place, but Siem Reap takes the biscuit. Why? It’s because it’s home to legendary and world-famous Angkor Wat. This selection of temples is huge and some people spend three to four days riding around the grounds. And, there is an unbelievably steep set of steps which will get the blood flowing. Be careful to hold onto the rail, though, because Cambodians don’t do health and safety.

#3: Patagonia, Argentina/Chile


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Deep in the south of the continent of South America lies Patagonia, a fiercely wild and diverse ecosystem. A word of warning – avoid it in the winter. The summer is windy and cold enough. But, it is still a beautiful place that is home to some of the best walks in the world. The two infamous routes – the O and the W – take between four and seven days to complete and are pretty unforgiving. Families that want a day excursion can hit up Torres Del Paine and check out the towers.

#4: Okavango, Botswana

The Okavango Delta is without a doubt one of the most diverse places for wildlife in the entire world. It’s where the great migration takes place every year. So, it’s a perfect spot for anyone who wants to see lions, elephants, zebra and wildebeest in their natural habitat. You may think this is a cop-out because you’ll be sat in a van all day but it isn’t the case. Rangers organize walks to get closer to the animals so you’ll be on your feet on a daily basis.

So, are you ready to ban the beach break for good?

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