Peel an Orange in 5 Seconds with No Mess

Peeling an orange is a mess, especially if you are doing it outdoor, at school, at work, on the plane, in the car… and everywhere else. Carrying cut oranges around is a bigger mess and it won’t taste fresh.

Peel an Orange in 5 Seconds with No Mess

Here are 3 easy steps that will make peeling an orange EASIER, with LESS MESS, and still keeps your orange FRESH wherever you go.

Cut this way:

Cut around the orange from top-to bottom. Not too deep, just enough until you feel the inside of the orange.

Turn the orange and repeat the same step again to create 4 cuts.

Peel an Orange in 5 Seconds with No Mess

Cut 2 ends of the orange, 5 mm / 0.2 inch thick. Ready!!

Bring it on the go with you. When you are ready to eat:

Insert a thumb from the top and the skin will come off easily. Enjoy!!

Peel an Orange in 5 Seconds with No Mess

Do you have other handy tricks to cut an orange?

Peel an Orange in 5 Seconds with No Mess

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  1. Thanks for the terrific tip on how to peel an orange! I do it the same way that you do! The reason I started doing this is because the kids all love oranges; and they want them in their school lunches but they could never get them opened unless I cut it this way! They love oranges and I can't keep them in the house for very long because they go quickly around here! I'm glad though, because they are an excellent source of Vitamin C, which we all could use, especially with the "cold and flu" season getting ready to start! Thanks so much for sharing your terrific tip with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

    • Hi Michele! Thanks for the terrific comment too! 🙂 🙂 You are absolutely right, It gets really tricky trying to peel / open/ cut an orange outdoor. Especially when your hands get sticky before you even get to eat the orange. Booo…!

      Michele, you can pre-cut a few oranges on Sunday, this way you don't have to cut them everyday and the kids can grab them for lunch any time.

      Thanks again for dropping by! Happy orange-peeling!!! 😀

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