What’s The Perfect Gift For Your Wife?

Hint ... it's jewelry!

Let’s say your anniversary or your wife’s birthday is coming up and you want to give her something really special, something she will treasure. Sure, there will be roses and a lovely card you will have written a heartfelt message in, but let’s face it fellas, those are going to be forgotten by the next day as the faded roses go out with the rubbish and the card gets filed away in the things she will never look at again section of her dresser drawer. So, you are going to have to do more than that, but what? Here’s a hint if you haven’t figured it out yet- pretty rocks and precious metals. Are you with me now?

Yes, the gift of quality jewelry is the most direct path to your paramour’s heart! There are good reasons why we have all those old sayings like “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and “nothing glitters like gold!” Buying your wife jewelry tells her you have made a real investment in her, your love is here to stay, and here’s the precious stone to prove it! There are plenty of wonderful styles to choose from like invisible setting jewellery that will thrill her and make this occasion really special, cementing your place in her heart and mind as the best husband in the world! Jewelry is a timeless gift that never grows old, just like your undying love is!

Now that you know what you need to do, the next question is what’s the best way to do it? The world of fine jewelry can be complicated, especially for nice average guys who have no idea what in the world they are looking for when they walk into a jeweller’s shop. The following are some tips to get you focused on choosing the right piece of jewelry for your wife, so read on:

Discover Her StyleEvery list of gifts for her is going to say jewelry, duh! So ask yourself, “What jewelry have I seen her wearing when we go out?” and “What pieces does she own that I know she thinks are special?” If you don’t already know the answers to those questions, you may already be in more trouble than you think you are. If you need to, sneak into your bedroom do some reconnaissance in her jewelry box, and snap a photo of her collection to study.

Go For Quality This is not a time to be cheap, if that’s what you intend to do you might as well forget about it and just bring her home a box of doughnuts, at least you know what kind of those she likes, right? Right? It’s easy to spot an inferior quality piece of jewelry if you are female, they have an innate sense, so she will know if you chintz on her gift and you will pay much more than you can ever imagine in things money can’t buy.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has a guide to buying quality jewelry in the kingdom that may be helpful. We hope this inspires you to dig deep in your soul (and your wallet) and buy your wife the lovely gift she deserves!

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