What Causes Decreased Testosterone Levels

Testosterone levels play a vital role in a man’s life. Besides aging, there could be several reasons that contribute to decreased levels of testosterone. A person experiencing low levels of testosterone should eat foods that help in increasing the levels and avoid all those activities that causes the “T” level to decline.

So why do you have low levels of testosterone? There are many reasons for that, let’s have a look at some of them.

Excessive Exercising

While it is true that exercising or any kind of physical activity helps increase testosterone levels, the truth is that over exercising can cause your testosterone levels to fall.

Exercise hard but for less time rather than exercising for a longer period. Also, there are certain exercises that are specifically designed to help improve testosterone levels. While there is no guarantee that they work, there is no harm in trying.

Liquor Addict

Liquor is one of the main reasons behind low testosterone in men. Researchers have found that liquor restrains the discharge of testosterone in the testicles. Excessive use of liquor can cause irreversible harm and your body may get harmed to a point when its ability to create testosterone will be hindered forever.

If you are truly honest about increasing the level of testosterone in your body, then you should keep alcohol at bay or you could lower the use of it.

Not Getting Proper Rest

This is one of the main reasons for low level of testosterone. If you don’t rest enough, then regardless of how well you exercise or how well you eat, your blood won’t ever be testosterone-rich.

You must sleep for seven to eight hours a day. And you must make sure the sleep is peaceful without any breaks.

Not getting proper rest may also lead to stress. And stress affects testosterone levels very badly and thus you might experience physical and emotional changes due to lower levels of testosterone.

Chemicals in Environment

Our environment is rich from man-made chemicals which are harmful to us in many ways.

Exposure to endocrine-disturbing chemicals such as BPA and phthalates has been causing the testosterone levels to decline and even endanger the puberty in young men.

You must make sure to stay away from harmful environments and take precautionary measures if your job requires you to work around such chemicals.


Some unfortunate individuals have lower levels of testosterone only due to their genetics. The blood flowing through them is meant to discharge low levels of testosterone. These sorts of people must take special care of themselves and eat the types of foods which help in increasing testosterone levels. They can also use the best supplements to raise testosterone levels. These supplements are designed for individuals with low testosterone levels.

Now that you know the reasons for low levels of testosterone, we are hopeful you would be able to increase your testosterone levels without any trouble.

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