4 Safety Measures To Put In Place When Bringing Guests To Your Home

As you know, the world may take some time to return to the way it was before, if it will, that is. The pandemic has changed daily activities, and although there is a heightened sense of cleanliness, you cannot underrate the ‘new normal.’ About 42% of people love to travel to visit their friends and families nationally and abroad. Just as you take steps to protect your family at home, you should ensure safety measures when receiving guests, friends and family into your home. How do you achieve this? Read on to find out how.

1. Make Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers Available

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With the pandemic, you must stock up on hand sanitizers in your home. A good hand sanitizer should contain at least 70% alcohol to kill pathogens contained on the hands. If you have a porch at home, ensure to fix a sanitizing dispenser, which would be useful for all guests who visit you at home. Encourage your guests to protect as you open up your home to them. On the other hand, if you do not have a porch, proceed to fix a dispenser very close to the entry point of your living area.

2. Assess Fall-Prone Areas in Your Home

Secure your bathroom mats and rugs on the floor to prevent water from collecting on slick surfaces. It would be best if you did this to avoid accidental falls when you usher guest(s) to the bathroom(s) to wash their hands or conduct any other bathroom business. If you live with young children, conduct an assessment of your living room for small toys that could trip yourself or a guest—secure bikes, skateboards, and other movable playthings that could cause falls. In case your living area is upstairs, ensure your stairwell is fixed with a handrail to provide adequate support, especially for elderly guests.

3. Install Fire Alarms

Although installing fire alarms in your home protects your household, and you should already have them in place, it is also a safety measure that extends to your guests. Therefore, never leave lighted candles near flammable materials or unattended. Also, keep a fire extinguisher close to your living quarters as that will be of immediate help before the fire department arrives. Be conscious of unused appliances and do well to unplug them. An installed fire alarm will go off and give you ample time to react to the smoke or fire source. Secondly, take another look at your indoor air quality services.

4. Guard Private Swimming Pools

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Your swimming pool can turn out to be a safety hazard if left unattended and without proper guard rails. Although that blue water body adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home, a guest could fall in and drown (if they do not know how to swim). Iron guard rails around the pool act as a fence and drastically reduces the chances of a fatality in your home.

4 Safety Measures To Put In Place When Bringing Guests To Your Home

Coronavirus is not the only thing to fear in your home; there are other areas of your living space that could pose safety hazards for your household and guests. As you stock up on alcohol-based hand sanitizers, take steps to eliminate dangers many people tend to overlook in their homes.

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